Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hair Dressing

Being a bus patron in Baltimore puts you at the bottom of the totem pole. That's me now.

Baltimore once had a wonderful system of street cars. The street car used to go down Harford Road right by my house.

Unfortunately, the car industry bought up all the street cars in the mid-1900s and tore out all the tracks so that people would buy cars.

Therefore, Baltimore is left with a fairly disfunctional bus system.

On the positive side, I'm getting a lot of reading done! And I've also been collecting interesting names of beauty salons.

What is it about hair dressers that inspire such outlandish names for their shops?

Here are some of the names I've collected during my bus trips around Baltimore City (the parenthetical comments are mine):

A Touch of Paris (will my hair look like the Eifel Tower?)
Annointed Hands of Perfection Hair Salon (ego, ego, ego!)
Atmoshears Hair Salon (baa!)
Lion's Denn Hair Salon (rahr!)
Mane Details (neigh!)
Sit 'N' Pretty Salon (thank goodness, no animal references)
Altunativzes (yes that is how it is spelled, try sounding that out, it's hard!)


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Hello Dan,

Isn't it amazing how living on a tropical island rubs off on you...we have the same habit here of looking at signs for humor. Our favorite is "Sister Rosalind Jeffre's School of Proffesional Massage" it has a picture of the nun as well! The real reason I'm writing is to make sure you send us your new email'll need to guess who this is (hint: spam, spam, spam, spam --guess what, those boxers actually glow in the dark!!) My email address is first name.last And guess what...we're moving to Samoa!!! Hope to hear from you soon...

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