Sunday, June 03, 2007

Len Wo

Here I am on the island of Kosrae.

My new house is in the former US Army Camp Driscoll. Right across the street from the beach. Yes, there are BEACHES! Unlike Pohnpei.

Yesterday I drove down to the church in Malem. They are commemorating the time during World War II when the Japanese evacuated their village and sent everyone to Tafunsak.

After the church service they had a choir festival which will continue next Sunday too.

There is nothing in the world like Kosraean choral singing. It is filled with overwhelming enthusiasm (although they don't all LOOK enthusiastic) and constant key shifting. During church I tried to sing along to a familiar hymn, but found myself incapable of singing because as soon as I determined what key we were in, it would change.

Oh well, it does sound beautiful. I'll be content to listen for a while rather than singing along.

Today I begin teaching at the Kosrae Campus of the College of Micronesia.


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