Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The photos above and below are the wall to the island of Pahn Kadira. Workers began building this island around the year 900 AD. It was the island where the Saudeleurs - the rulers of Pohnpei - lived. This island also housed the temple to the god Nan Sapwe. As you can see, it is completely overgrown now. The rocks are covered with mold and trees and shrubs cover the surface.
The islands of Pahn Kadira (above) and Peikapw (below) are separated by a narrow, and very spooky channel. Peikapw contains the remains of two women who forgot to bring tribute to the god Lopengo and were turned into stone.

I was amazed by the quantity of rocks that were used to make this, and countless other channels. Each of these massive rocks was hawled here from the other side of the island. An amazing feat for the Pohnpeians 1000 years ago. Legend states that magic was used to fly the rocks into place, and that legend is almost as incredible as human beings doing it by hand.
My advice to anyone who wants to kayak through Nan Madol: laminate your map, it dissintegrates when it gets wet. Don't go alone: it is easy to get disoriented among the channels and the hiking on the island is rough and difficult. Plus, it is eerie.
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