Monday, May 21, 2007

Reading Material for You

Sorry, ya’ll, but my camera is broken. So no photos. I bought a new one, and as soon as I figure out how to use it, I’ll use it.

Until then, it’s just the written word.

Friday morning’s graduation ceremony at the National Campus marked my last official duty here in Pohnpei.

To celebrate, the whole gang went out in the evening for candle-lit karaoke at the Summer Palace. “Youuuuu decorated my liiiiiife!”

Saturday morning I ran the 5k race. I got my worst time in several races: 23:37. My last race was 21:45. What happened? To see a photo of me after the race, as well as other race photos, go to

As we enter into this, the season of farewells, we bid a fond one to Meike and Peter: Australian diplomats extraordinaire. Their farewell party was on Saturday night at Kangaroo Court. That was one of the saddest good-byes I’ve ever seen on Pohnpei. They are such beautiful people and will miss them greatly. Rohaizad and I got to go to one of their Murder Parties back in December, and Rohaizad was the murderer.

(Oh my gosh, there is a HUUUUUUUGE centipede under my desk!!!)

I gave Helen and Rachel a ride home after Saturday night’s farewell party and on the way home we saw a UFO. It was weaving around in the western sky beyond Sokehs Rock. Very weird. Unfortunately, I didn’t get probed.

Sunday I spent the day with friends at Nahlap Island Resort: the most beautiful place in the world.

I don’t see the centipede any more and that is scaring me.


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I wish your camera was working for the centipede alone!

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