Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To build these islands, they surrounded the space with logs of basalt rocks, then filled them in with coral rocks. This means that you have to walk over extremely sharp and uneven rocks.

I set myself the goal of getting to the Lehnkai pool on Darong Island. This pool used to be a reef pool and the island was built around it. Apparently eleven tunnels were built under the island to allow water to flow in and out. This was an important ritual site long ago and the remains of some type of ceremonial structure can still be found here.

As I kayaked up to the island, it appeared to be "guarded" by these sentinals of dead trees. It was easy to get past them, but the difficult part was still ahead.
The brush has grown so thick on Darong island and ground was so rough that it took me fifteen minutes to hike about 20 feet to get to the pond. Even when I arrived at the pond I couldn't get a clear view of it. The photo below was the best view I could get of Lehnkai.
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