Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tonoas School

All the land on Chuuk is private property - including the land which houses the college, all the schools and the International Airport! So they all have to pay rent. Many (most? all?) of the land owners try to squeeze all the money they can get out their property.

On Tonoas, they couldn't make the rent payments on the school, so the land owner hung up this sign.

Now the school is a ghost town, with weeds everywhere, broken windows and graffiti.
Here are the remains of one classroom. I also wandered into another room which was full of wet, rotting books. It smelled like a sewer.
I found this broken record (one of many) in the courtyard weeds. I found a whole stack of decaying piano duet sheet music. I hated to leave it behind! How did this stuff get there?!
I also found this textbook in the courtyard, and it made me think that perhaps the school closing wasn't such a bad thing. Why on earth would a student on Tonoas need to learn "United States History from the First Americans to Reconstruction"?
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Blogger Tony said...

If you apply to teach at that school I'll think about applying to preach at that church! I think I may get the better end of that deal -- or at least the better building!

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