Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Day in the City

I spent Monday discovering the island of Weno. There are many boat docks like this one where people from the other lagoon islands park their boats when they come in to work. Sort of like the municipal parking lots in the United States.
You have never seen so many pot holes in your life! Cars crawl along at about 5 miles per hours, veering back and forth to avoid the craters. But I think the pot holes are a blessing, because they keep traffic moving slowly and carefully instead of careening along.

In the distance you can see "One Tree Mountain," a landmark on Weno.
Weno has some really good restaurants. The Blue Lagoon Resort Restaurant was good, but the Truk Stop and High Tide were extraordinary! This picture doesn't show any of those restaurants, but it shows the post office on the right.
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