Sunday, March 11, 2007

A True Adventure in the Life of Nina

Here is a photo of Nina...
...and here is a story about Nina.

Last Saturday I went out for the evening with some friends. I left the house around 7:15. When I arrived home at midnight, I discovered that Nina had been locked inside the house the whole time! She must have run in unnoticed while I was leaving.

She did well for herself, though. She knocked a flashlight off the table and managed to turn it on, so she wasn’t in the dark. She found a bag of dog biscuits, opened them up and ate a few of them. Best of all, she didn’t poop or pee.

Yea, Nina! Posted by Picasa


Blogger mrsuaidi said...

good girl, nina!

daddy's so proud of you! and daddy misses you very much :-(

9:55 AM  

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