Monday, June 11, 2007

Life Is Good

I love teaching here in Kosrae.

My music class has 29 students - pretty big. And it has been a lesson in flexibility.

In my six days of teaching, I have taught in four different places: two conference rooms, a science lab and a kitchen.

The instruments that I ordered never showed up, so I've had to adapt my syllabus and make the emphasis on choral music instead.

Nevertheless, the students are what make it great. You should hear them sing. It's wonderful.

The rest of my life is pretty great, too. Living across the street from the beach, bicycling along the ocean to get to and from work, lots of coconuts, bananas, tangerines and other local foods...

Speaking of local foods, have you ever heard of "square beans"? They taste just like green beans, but they are square with a line of leafiness along the edges of the square. Funny looking, but delicious.

Yesterday I saw the green flash for the first time since I lived on Guam 15 years ago. The green flash is really more of a green "blip" that you see right when the sun goes below the horizon. This is truly a place fit for princes and kings.


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