Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's Going On

Tuesday was my big almost-the-end-of-the-semester concert in the Practice Gym of the China-FSM Friendship Sports Center.

The place was packed, yea!!!

My 70 music students performed music from different places around the world: Puerto Rico, USA, Melanesia, England, Africa and more. My favorite thing was a little medley I put together of an Israeli and a Palestinian song.

In January I began a community choir which has been rehearsing at the Pohnpei State campus every Tuesday evening. There are 28 singers in that group, and a good variety of folks, too; locals and expats. They performed a couple of gospel numbers ("Magnify the Light" and "Order My Steps"); folk songs from Palau, Kosrae, China and Hawai'i; Gershwin and some other stuff. They were really good!

But enough words. Here are some photos...
Last Sunday while kayaking, I discovered a mangrove channel that I had never explored. This is it.
The tide was pretty low while I was exploring, so this is where my kayak got stuck.
After I escaped from that mosquito-infested mangrove channel, I went out into the lagoon, where I discovered these baby mangrove plants growing on a tree stump.
And finally, this picture of Nina. As I write this Nina is at the veterinarian getting spayed. The vet only visits Pohnpei once every month or two, so it's now or never.
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