Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life Goes On

Last Saturday night I went to The Rusty Anchor Bar to hear the band Wetter than Seattle perform.

The Rusty Anchor is a concrete room located on the ground floor of an unfinished hotel. It has a great view of Sokehs Bay.

Wetter than Seattle is the Pohnpeian expat rock band. It consists of drums, bass and guitar. The lead singers are my friends Helen and Rachel. They are a riot on stage!

I was looking at the crowd while watching the performance and it struck me that I am now in a new generation of expats than when I first moved to Pohnpei.

When I first arrived, I got to know everyone. As time has gone by, I have settled down with a smaller group of friends. In the meantime, most of the expats, including some of my friends, have left.

My Pohnpeian friends and acquaintances have more-or-less remained here on island. But as I sat at The Rusty Anchor, I kept seeing the ghosts of the people I used to go there with: Jen, Jeff, Rohaizad, Janhabi, Shaun, Felicia, Stacy, Lance, Amy and many more.

In a few weeks, I too will be just a memory at The Rusty Anchor, and within a few generations of expats, no one will remember that I was ever here. That’s life.


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