Sunday, January 20, 2008

Everything Sails into One Great Location

Rohaizad and I visited Pulau Keppel on Saturday morning. The sailboats from an around-the-world clipper race have recently arrived, plus Saturday was the grand opening of the Keppel Bay Marina.

Here is the bridge linking Singapore with Pulau Keppel. There were a bunch of girls who posed on the bridge (in the hot sun) throughout the grand opening ceremony. As we walked across the bridge, the emcee announced that the bridge was officially opened - music blared, the girls danced, the fountains shot water, a huge banner unfurled - and there we stood halfway across the bridge. Eek.

Rohaizad tried to stay out of the sun by standing in the shadow of this balloon which was being blown willy nilly. He looked pretty funny.

Here is the racing clipper from Singapore. It disturbs me to see the words "Uniquely Singapore" painted on the side of the boat; you can't have an ADVERB modifying a NOUN!

The diagonal banners are on the racing clippers as they are lined up in the new marina with the bridge in the background.

The path out of Keppel Bay was lined with these beautiful flowers.


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