Saturday, January 05, 2008

Beauty World

This afternoon we went to a matinee performance of the original Singapore musical Beauty World! Here's the publicity photo...

Pretty cool, huh? Snakes, women floating on feathered clouds and trombones!

Well, it wasn't as cool as the picture makes it out to be.

It turned out to be fifteen minutes of entertainment spread out into three hours. The artistic team apparently saved a lot of time by avoiding that pesky "workshop" process. And editing, what's that?

But it was my first time in the Esplanade ... a beautiful performing arts complex right on the water. From the outside it looks like the eyes of a fly.

It was raining when we left the show and watching the rain cascade down the windows was quite lovely.


Blogger Laurie L said...

Dan it looks like that pic could be you next CD Cover!!! GREAT Pic!! (Getting a bit Grey?) hee hee LLL

2:08 PM  

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