Saturday, January 12, 2008

Co-Curricular Smorgasboard

This morning I joined Rohaizad on a trip to the Secondary School where he teaches. Even though it is Saturday, parents and students showed up so that all the co-curricular activities could perform and recruit participants.

Here is the school courtyard with some of the booths...

What an impressive array of activities these students have to choose from, and this was just an ordinary, neighborhood school. They had band, choir, sports, theater, Malay dance, ROTC (or whatever it's called over here), Indian dance, hip hop dance and many others. It was so fun to watch the performances!

Here is the Chinese Lion Dancers. I never realized how difficult being a lion is, and these poor guys were doing it out in the sun. It sure is exciting to see when the drums are pounding away.

Not to judge or anything, but this angklung group was the BEST! They had a huge group and looked like they were having a blast. They wouldn't quit, even when other groups were trying to perform! Here's the director with some of the instruments.

Here are the rest of the instruments in the angklung ensemble.

Here's the Chinese orchestra. They were playing Pachabel's Canon. How ethnic, huh?


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