Friday, December 29, 2006

Here are some photos of my vacation to Palau, not in chronological order. This is a photo of Yahoo Beach, so named because filmed a TV commercial here for Superbowl 34 or 35 or something. Posted by Picasa

Here I am standing at the end of the T Dock Posted by Picasa

This is a piece of Yapese stone money. They Yapese quarried their money in the Rock Islands of Palau and then hauled them back to Yap on rafts, but I suspect this piece was was too big to fit on their raft, so they left it behind. Posted by Picasa

The Rock Islands Posted by Picasa

One of the Rock Islands from kayak level. Posted by Picasa

The Rock Islands Posted by Picasa

Me at the Post Office Posted by Picasa

Me again Posted by Picasa

This is part of Palau's new Capital complex. It's a creepy thing: totally out of place, inappropriate and located in the middle of nowhere! Posted by Picasa

Palau's new Capital Building Posted by Picasa

In the museum, in front of an old abai decoration Posted by Picasa

Down the hill from me is a series of ancient stone monoliths. Posted by Picasa

An ancient stone monolith. You can't tell from this picture, but there is a face carved on it. Posted by Picasa

Giving myself a facial with the white mud at the Milky Way in the Rock Islands Posted by Picasa

The creature from the blue lagoon. Posted by Picasa

A bunch of local apples. Yumm... Posted by Picasa

Kayaking among the Rock Islands. That's me on the left. Posted by Picasa

That's me kayaking through a cave in the Rock Islands. Posted by Picasa

Anyone want a boat? Posted by Picasa

The new bridge to Babeldaob, replacing the old one which collapsed in 1996, killing two people. Posted by Picasa

This is one of the Rock Islands which has an arch in the middle, and that's me in front of it in my stylish swimming apparel. Posted by Picasa

Again... Posted by Picasa

Another shot of the island Posted by Picasa

Decorations on an abai Posted by Picasa

Abai details. The "lightening" coming out of mouths is to show that they are speaking or making noise. Posted by Picasa