Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Greenpeace Photos

For some more photos of the tour of Greenpeace's ship Esperanza last weekend, go to...
These photos also show the friends I went with.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Crabs, Ships and Shipwrecks

This is what happened last weekend.

On Friday night we bought mangrove crabs for a big Bawlmer crabfest Saturday noon!

We were celebrating the return to island of Amy Laack, mourning the imminent departure of Jen Burnett and marking the beginning of Ramadan 2006.

Also on Saturday, we toured the Greenpeace ship Esperanza which is visiting Pohnpei.

On Sunday I spent a few hours kayaking around Sokehs Bay photographing shipwrecks.

Below are the photos of the weekend's events.

These mangrove crabs kept me awake all night on Friday as they crawled around trying to escape from the coolers in my kitchen. Posted by Picasa

The mangrove crabs wait patiently to be turned into lunch. Posted by Picasa

The mangrove crab flails for his life as he is dropped into the boiling cauldron of death. Posted by Picasa

Boiled mangrove crabs...yum!!! Posted by Picasa

Me on the bridge of Greenpeace's Esperanza. Posted by Picasa

A sign in the Greenpeace boat. Posted by Picasa

Getting ready to tour the Greenpeace boat Esperanza. Posted by Picasa

A photo of my house with the nahs in front of it, taken from the water. Posted by Picasa

This shipwreck is closest to my house. I think it was a dredger. Sometimes I see children climbing around on it and jumping off of it into the water. Posted by Picasa

Another photo of the dredger. Posted by Picasa

I can't figure out what kind of ship this was and what could have happened to it. Perhaps a typhoon? Posted by Picasa

I think someone might be living on this shipwreck, because he got up and waved at me after I took this photo. Posted by Picasa

This shipwreck actually has two trees growing in it! Posted by Picasa

The smallest of the shipwrecks, this looks like it was a wooden yacht at one time. Posted by Picasa

This is the most recent shipwreck; it sank in May, 2006. Posted by Picasa

Same ship, different angle. Posted by Picasa

A small shipwreck near the causeway. Posted by Picasa

Another shot of the small wreck near the causeway. Posted by Picasa

Kayaking past Greenpeace's Esperanza. Posted by Picasa

The Greenpeace Ship. Posted by Picasa

Sokehs Rock from water level. Posted by Picasa

I took this photo from the mouth of Sokehs Bay in my kayak. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yesterday while we were at work, Yum Yum gave birth to octuplets! Nevertheless, she still met us at the car when we arrived home and jumped all over us; what a woman! Some of the puppies still have their umbilical cords. Posted by Picasa

Yum Yum birthed the last batch of puppies under a container and the batch before that in the abandoned house next to our house. This time she chose a spot in the jungle along our driveway. Posted by Picasa

With red noses like those, we should name all the puppies Rudolph. Posted by Picasa