Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Profound and the Mundane

Saturday morning we left the house at 8:30 and drove down south to catch the boat to Black Coral. Black Coral is a tiny reef island about two miles from Pohnpei off the southwest coast.

We spent the day there with about 12 friends: eating, snorkeling, playing Scrabble and relaxing. While snorkeling I saw one shark (about 4 feet long) and three big, ugly groupers. Of course, there was the usual gang of gaudy colored fish, but they were bigger than usual this weekend.

I really enjoy the boat ride to and from the island. Looking at Pohnpei you cannot see any trace of human life. Just the massive mountains covered with jungle. And then looking out at the ocean you see waves and clouds that have traveled thousands miles across the empty Pacific before encountering this island.

It is surprising that Pohnpeians aren't all poets; its such a unique beauty.

* * *

On Sunday afternoon Rohaizad and I were sitting in the nahs outside our house reading books and eating steamed bananas. We saw a motorboat with six guys come across Sokehs Bay to go through the mangrove channel next to our house.
Suddenly, while driving at full speed, the boat whipped around and around in tight circles, tossing two guys off. One of them seemed to be injured, maybe a broken leg? He had to be floated to shore by his friends. The boat must have been broken, too, because it had to be towed to shore, too.

* * *

This morning while I was running at the causeway, ANOTHER cat got run over by a car. I've nicknamed the causeway Dead Cat Alley, because there is at least one dead cat every month. This is the second one since I arrived on July 27. Uck.


Blogger Tony said...

Hey Dan! Your view of the island reminds me of your musical. I've been listening to your CD. It is awesome! It is so fun remembering some of those same things from being on Guam. Well Done!

8:11 AM  
Blogger Miss Marplestein said...

wow, dan, the trip to that little island sounds delightful. the way you describe pohnpei from a distance makes me long to see it for myself. to see such beauty and magnificence on a daily basis - how do you stand it? I read Tony's comment and he mentioned a CD? Do you have a CD out? If so, tell me more b/c I'd love to have a copy!
oh, and first thing I thought when you mentioned that boat speeding around - pirates! argghh matey, pirates indeed!! lol love you!

8:19 AM  

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