Monday, May 29, 2006

Killing Time

I have had this week to kill between graduation and my flight out of here to the USA.

You can tell that I am desperate for stimulation because I baked banana bread yesterday afternoon. Yes ... ME ... baking!

Then I cleared out the perishables from my fridge and brought them over to Jen's house in the evening. She took it and turned it into what she called Compost Soup. Mmm.

Tomorrow I fly out for my 44 hour journey to Baltimore. On the way I stop in Kosrae, Kwajelein, Majuro, Honolulu and Phoenix. "By the time I get to Phoenix, I'll be jetlagged..." (That is supposed to be sung).

It may be a while before I post on my blog again, because I'm not sure how much computer access I'll have in the USA.

But don't forget to come to the show "Welcome to Micronesia!" on July 7 & 8 at 8:00 pm at Theatre Project in Baltimore, or else!


Blogger Joacyr said...

Hey, where are you now? Happy Birthday!

10:58 PM  

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