Monday, November 12, 2007

Roxi Does Brooklyn

Sunday at 2:30 pm, Susan and I took off in her car for New York City to do a performance of Roxi Starr in Brooklyn.

Susan and I have different personality types: she is 100% extrovert and I'm not. Her energy comes from dealing with people. When I finally got tired and needed to take a nap, she got on her cell phone and kept going. No wonder she's such a good networker.

Whee! Here we are driving over the Delaware Memorial Bridge into New Jersey.

We hit some traffic between exits 6 and 7 on the New Jersey Turnpike and poor Susan almost had a mental breakdown. I tried to calm her down with games and singing, but I was never meant to be a lion tamer.

Finally the traffic picked up again (for no reason at all!) and we had smooth sailing until we hit the Lincoln Tunnel where we not only hit traffic but the emergency light started illuminating on her dashboard. This light was accompanied by a pretty little elevator ding which set Susan into fits of animal rage.

Despite the stress, we arrived at our concert venue (aka "bar") with an hour to spare.

Since this was a fund raiser for Leah Ryan who was just re-diagnosed with cancer, we performed the four songs for which Leah wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music: Broken Dreams, The Ballad of Billie Sue, Mrs. Somebody and One Thing. Other people performed monologues written by Leah between our songs.

Here we are right before the performance.

After we finished, I grabbed the subway and hightailed it down to New York's Penn Station (why are there no benches at that train station?!) and caught the 11:05 Amtrak back to Baltimore.

Here is a photo of the ceiling of Baltimore's Penn Station (the station that HAS benches!) where I arrived at 2:00 am.
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