Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Weekend in the Big Apple

Friday after work I took the Grayhound up to New York City. I stayed at my friend Randy's place in lower Manhattan.

On Saturday morning I met up with Janhabi at Grand Central Station. I knew Janhabi from Pohnpei and she was one of the stars of Welcome to Micronesia as well as part of the creative team for that show and Ascension Island.

After a long brunch, a cup of tea and lots of talk, we went to see the show The Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway. Here's me standing outside the Marquis Theatre in Times Square before the show.

Then we took the subway down to Brooklyn. This is me in Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Bridge behind me.

And here is a view of Manhattan from Brooklyn.

We had a nice dinner in Brooklyn then went to see the National Theater of Scottland perform Black Watch at the Ann Street Warehouse. The whole run is sold out, so I'm glad I got tickets a few weeks back. It was a stunning production. One of those theater pieces that makes snapping back into reality quite difficult when it is over.
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