Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Joanna and the Birthday Miracle

I turned 40 yesterday.

My students surprised me after class by singing happy birthday and presenting me with a card that they had all signed.

In the evening I hosted a barbeque in the hut by my house.

Thank goodness Ben and Joanna are visiting from Pohnpei, because they worked a culinary miracle.

Ben and I brought home two skipjack tuna when I got home from work.

Joanna filleted them and turned them into tuna steaks and burger patties that we grilled. She also made four loaves of bread to eat the burgers on ... AND made three pizzas from scratch, crust and all.

About ten people showed up for the barbeque. It was nice to have a mellow get-together after the hubbub of last night's pre-birthday celebration at the Island Cafe.


Blogger David Meyer said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! Believe it or not, it is still
your birthday here in California for two more hours
even though you write about it being your
birthday"yesterday". Have you forgotten your own
birthday? (just kidding)

It's hard to believe that my little brother is 40
years old! You wear it well.

Happy Birthday!

Also, do you have a mailing address for your summer
stay on Kosrae? Let us know.

1:04 AM  

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