Thursday, May 11, 2006

No one sent me a Constitution Day card

Yesterday was FSM Constitution Day. We had the day off of work so everyone could sit home and read through the Constitution.

I celebrated by beginning to exercise again after a two week break following my bicycle accident.

My hands are pretty well healed and my black eye is gone. I still have a pain in my ribs, so I'm going to go to Dr. Issac on Monday and have that checked out.

I set off on my bicycle and rode through Kolonia and out to Nett Point. Nett Point used to be the dock area back in the sea-plane era several decades ago. Now there is an abandoned warehouse and dock and it is where a lot of people go swimming and snorkeling.

After doing a lap around Nett Peninsula, I set off for home again. As I was cycling along Nett River, I saw two big outrigger canoes with about ten people each. It looked like what the island must have looked like two hundred years ago: outriggers traveling up a jungle-lined river toward the misty mountains. Very beautiful.

In the afternoon Jen and I went swimming at Nihco Marine Park and then spent a few hours reading there in a nahs. The park was amazingly deserted for a holiday. Maybe everyone WAS home reading the Constitution.


Blogger Joacyr said...

Hummm, that is one interesting holiday. You go home to read the constitution? :-)
Do you know what ORKUT is?

9:57 PM  

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