Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Canine Catastrophe

This morning, as usual, I rode my bicycle to the causeway and went running, then rode my bike home. My house is in a valley, so the final bit of my bike ride is down a steep, curving hill. This morning, Yum Yum, who likes to hang out at the bottom of that hill, ran out right in front of my speeding bicycle. I went right over the handle-bars and onto the pavement. My right hand is all mashed up, both knees are skinned, I have scrapes on my forehead and cheek and my sunglasses got smashed. Rohaizad cleaned me up a bit and then we went to Genesis to get the pavement cleaned out of my wounds. They patched me up and gave me antibiotics. I got stitches in my right pinky (it looked pretty scary!).

Yum Yum amazingly came out of it just fine. She spent the morning in the nahs wagging her tail as usual. Curse her!!!


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