Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Turd on Bird Flu

Looking at the infrastructure here in the Federated States, it's easy to think that nothing gets done by the higher-ups. Much to my surprise, though, this country has a strategy in case of an outbreak of Avian Flu!
Personally, I would be hard-pressed to tell you the difference between a pandemic and an academic, but someone around here has things figured out.

One thing that I learned from attending a wildlife talk by Harvey Cohen is that Pohnpei is host to quite a few migratory birds as they pass through. Poor critters, if this is a resting point, it must be quite a trip! I think they might be traveling between New Zealand and Alaska. Whew. I can't imagine a bird with the flu could make it this far, but what do I know?

So anyways, that how the flu could get here apparently. After that, things are pretty easy, since we're so isolated. There is an advantage to having only one flight a day out of your airport! Anyone who arrives on Pohnpei after an outbreak of Avian Flu gets 10 days quarantine at Misko Beach.

That doesn't sound too like bad a place to be quarantined, but beware of the sand fleas and the hidden coral. (I bashed my leg up on the coral doing the triathlon in 2004, but that's another story) You could probably spend all ten days of your quarantine waiting for your food to arrive at Misko Restaurant.


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