Friday, March 17, 2006

So Much Excitement!

Some exciting events coming up...

Saturday afternoon at 3:00 my musical "Exclamation Point" will have its first-ever reading at the Fells Point Corner Theatre in Baltimore! I've been working on this show on and off for six years, so I'm anxious to see the results of the reading. It will be read for local theater directors and if any of them like it, they may choose to produce it this summer for the Baltimore Playwright Festival. I wish I was there to see it myself, but I have some great friends who are going there to represent me. The director has been e-mailing me and he has definitely caught the satirical spirit of the piece, which makes me feel better about my distance and helplessness.

"Exclamation Point" is intended to be a big spoof on musicals (as well as gays, religion, Baltimore and much, much more). Irreverence is the name of the game. My favorite song it "The Peace Corps Made Me Lesbian."

Saturday morning I will be running a 5k race to try to beat my best time of 23:02. I've been running hills for two weeks now. Let's hope it pays off, 'cause it sure is miserable.

After the race I will help Janhabi move into her new apartment at Snowland in Kitti. This used to be Rohaizad and my "mountain house," but we are happy to give it up for Janhabi. She has been dealing with thieves and horny men out in U for so long, I'm amazed that she didn't give up and leave island.

My good friend Semeon Phillip is on island from Kosrae this weekend, too. We hope to squeeze a game of tennis in sometime. Back in 1993 we used to play tennis constantly, and the last set we played we tied. So perhaps we can find some time to break the tie this weekend. He's here for a conference, so I ran into him yesterday at the cafeteria at the college.

It is also a big weekend for Wanda. This afternoon she will be visiting the vet to get fixed. This morning I gave her a bath and a thorough de-ticking (she had more than 20 ticks, eww!), so she's all set. We might bring in Tubbs, too, because he seems to be changing colors. I don't know if it's serious or not, but his black coat is turning gray.

On a serious note, I believe it is time to say goodbye to Fideaux. She has been missing for more than two days now and she has never done that before. Wherever you are, Fideaux, farewell.


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So, how did the reading of Exclamation Point go? Have you heard anything?

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