Thursday, August 06, 2009

49 Hours

Okay, beat this. We flew out of Yap at 3:00am on Wednesday. 3:00 is the worst possible time to fly, because you can't sleep before and you can't sleep after. But here I am at the Yap International Airport with Rohaizad getting ready for the 27 hour trip to Baltimore:

Our first stop was Guam. After flying for an hour or so, the pilot said that we can't land in Guam because there are serious storms. So we diverted to Saipan. We sat in the plan in Saipan for 2 hours. Here we are enjoying sunrise in Saipan:

Finally we took off for Guam. Here we are preparing to land:

I had missed my flight to Honolulu, so they rebooked me through Tokyo. Coincidentally, Rohaizad was flying to Tokyo, too. We flew there separately, but met up at Narita Airport where we had some pasta and Japanese curry and hung out for a few hours:

After saying our farewells, Rohaizad flew off to Singapore and I took off for my flight to Dallas. After twelve hours, we landed in Dallas. I waited around for three hours for my next flight, and then they announced it was "cancelled"! The soonest plane they could get me on was the next morning. I walked the Dallas Airport like the living dead. I "slept" on the floor, almost becoming the first person to freeze to death in Dallas in August.

But even though time slows down when you are stranded, it does eventually pass, and I did get on a flight to Baltimore. I feel bad for the woman who sat next to me on that flight because I smelled like someone who had not showered in three days and my face was all scruffy too. Pretty creepy (notice that I'm NOT posting photos of that).

After fourty-nine hours I had arrived in Baltimore. I'm a survivor.


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