Monday, February 13, 2006

Sick, just sick!

Wow, now that people are actually READING my blog, I'm getting all self-conscious and don't know what to say!

There's not much to say, anyways, since I was sick to my stomach all day Sunday. It's pretty surreal lying there on the sofa feeling horrible while the breezes blow in over the brilliant ocean and fluffy clouds sail above the palm trees.

I kept thinking about what could've happened on Saturday to make me sick. I was dive-bombed by a gecko while sitting on the patio. Maybe he was a germ-warfare gecko.

I went to a farewell party for Peace Corps Marcy - but the food was too good to make me sick (and no one else got sick).

Then we attempted a take-over of Club Flamingo with our own music (so we wouldn't have to dance to Casio-made reggae songs all night). We had fun there while they played our music, but that only lasted about a half-hour. THAT must be where I picked up the germ; it's a pretty disgusting place.

But I'm better today. While sick I finished reading the book "Family Matters" by Rohinton Mistry. I love his writing, especially his book "A Fine Balance". Now I've begun "Jane Eyre."

Thanks to all of you who left comments and sent e-mails about my blog. I'm honored that you checked it out!


Blogger Miss Marplestein said...

Well, you know Dan, you can't send an email out announcing your blog and not expect peopel to read it! lol Jane Eyre! One of my favorite books - just a wonderful read - right up there with Wuthering Heights! Jane and Mr. Rochester..ah! Glad you're feeling better! tata for now, ole' chap! kristina

6:15 PM  

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