Monday, October 17, 2005

Morning on a Tropical Isle

Unless it's raining, I ride my bicycle every morning to go the causeway, which connects Pohnpei proper to the small island with the airport. Once I'm at the causeway, I run two laps from Pohnpei to the shipping dock. It's a spectacular way to begin the day. The stunning cliffs of Sokehs Rock are on one side and the Pacific Ocean - dotted with tiny islands - is on the other side.

Even just the clouds are an amazing array of shapes and colors. Never have I seen a more dramatic sky than out here. Perhaps the clouds stand out more prominantly because of the pure blue sky, but every morning the sky is unique and breathtaking.

While I run, crabs scamper beside the road, scurrying to get into their holes as I run past. Often ten or twelve other people will be on the causeway walking or running and everyone is friendly. I have found that automobiles turn people into monsters, but when people travel by using their own two feet, they tend to be kind and friendly.

Perhaps its just because I'm a morning person, but I find my time with the sunrise to be my favorite time of day.


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